Application-oriented scientific work

The DHSH offers young people a varied, scientifically sound and at the same time practice-oriented training with its dual study program in business administration and business informatics with excellent career opportunities after successful completion. We are not just a university with teaching assignments, we also want to get involved in research in the future.

Expanding scientific competence is an important strategic goal of the DHSH. Based on our core disciplines, we see application-related research and development and its promotion as a central task of the university. To this end, we want to create an interdisciplinary environment to strengthen cooperative research in the region according to the highest national and international standards.

Regional cooperation

The DHSH is an entrepreneurial university that deals with economic and social issues in research and teaching. In the two main research areas, scientists will work on relevant topics together with long-standing cooperation partners, especially from the Baltic-Scandinavian region.

In line with the pronounced practical relevance of the DHSH, the focus is always on developing application-oriented results with the help of this research. The cooperation in the individual projects will strengthen the relationships between the DHSH and the industry partners in the region as well as the region in general through the joint gain in competence. This application-oriented research also serves economic and regional development in Schleswig-Holstein.